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As part of Safer Internet Day 2018, 20,000 Victorian students joined our virtual classrooms and pledged to make the internet a more respectful place.  Thank you to all of you for participating and for your excellent contributions.

Make your pledge for Safer Internet Day and make your classroom more respectful with the resources below, or visit  You will find pledge boards, posters, cyberbullying resources kits, classroom resources and factsheets.

Teacher notes and complementary activities (pdf 923kb)

eSafety – About Us (pdf 119kb)

eSafety classroom resources (pdf 108kb)

How to report cyberbullying material (pdf 138kb)

Your can make your own pledge as part of the next virtual classroom session tomorrow at 11:00am – you can register at:

What some of our students pledged:

I will think of other’s feelings and emotions

We will not be a part of negative cyber bullying activities

I will not take part in any mean conversations online

I will not share my password

I will give positive comments online

I will respect people on the internet, and their opinions

I will pledge to stand up for the person being bullied

We pledge to: not respond to bad messages, ignore negative messages, don’t reply and show your parents.

I will try to stop cyber bullying in its tracks!

I will not accept friend requests from people I do not know

I will find a solution to the problem

I will be safe and responsible online

I will not make fun of people on the internet

I will always be respectful and mindful of how people feel