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15 comments on “Contact us
  1. Peter Carpenter says:

    Wanting to have access to Global2 but do not have an edumail account. I currently work at Penola Catholic College Broadmeadows

  2. sandy says:

    Hi Peter, As a Catholic teacher in Victoria you are very welcome to join Global2.
    We have attempted to add all Catholic school domains but occasionally miss some I have now added your schools and this means that from now on all of the teachers and students who use an email with that domain ending are able to create a blog automatically.

  3. says:

    Hello my name is Arech and I think this link is good because it tought me alot of stuff like online saftey and all that. i give it a 10/10

  4. sandy says:

    Great Arech I hope it helps you

  5. Vanessa Harris says:

    I am trying to create a new class blog and each time I type in my email address it says that its already in use. I have changed previous sites I was a member of to another address but this does not seem to help.

    Regards Vanessa Harris

  6. sue says:

    hello i am trying to acces my daughters prep blog. I need to log in / register. I am unable to do so with my email. can u plse advise what i am doing wrong? many thanks sue

  7. sandy says:

    Hi Sue, The short answer is it is best to ask your school how they have set it their Global2 blog/s and how they want to share the posts.
    The long answer ………..
    it is deliberate that we (DET) control (via email address) who can join Global2. Only teachers using their Victorian school email account (Government or Catholic) can join and they are only able to add their students, if they intend their students to have their own blog, using their school email addresses. Schools then choose if they want to make each blog or even post, public or private.
    Parents are a very important part of our Victorian Education community. We want them to be able to access and enjoy their childs’ class or individual blog posts, but they are generally not signed up to create or publish a Global2 blog themselves.
    Schools are able to choose different ways to share with parents.
    They can choose to share via a link. They may set up a subscription (for this you would enter your email address to receive notices of new posts). They could set up a link with a password (They would need to tell you that password) or may have published it live to the internet for all to enjoy. They may also choose to keep it totally private, developing their students’ full understanding of what they should share and with whom. – Building the skills around a positive digital footprint
    Even after you can see a post, the school will have established the level of interaction.
    They may or may not allow comments, control who can make them and if all comments are to be moderated before they go online, sometimes to avoid cyber bullying.
    The school will determine their set up, usually based on their needs, experience and sometimes the age of their students.
    There are many ways a school can choose to create and use global2 …. I recon the short answer is your best bet 😉 Sandy

  8. kristina says:

    I made a blog and deleted it as I needed to change the webpage name. I am now trying to create an page and It is not letting me create a page. Can you please assist with this.

  9. campus says:

    Hi Kristina

    We’ve sent a reply from as we will probably need to create the blog for you.


    Sue Waters
    Support Manager
    Edublogs | CampusPress

  10. Shazia Jaffri says:

    Hi, I am Shazia.Teaches English to grade 2 students. Really want to get benefit from this useful Global 2. How can I sign in. Trying but it does not accept my email id. Can you help

  11. Nada Simondson says:

    I have tried to delete my old class blog to create a new one. I contacted global2 team to see if I could change the name but they said that was not possible. I have tried to create a new blog site but have been told my user name has already been used. I have also tried to use a Hotmail and gmail email address which was not accepted. What can I do to change this please?

  12. campus says:

    Hi Nada

    I’ve sent an email from to explain your options and help set up your new blog. Please contact us directly if you don’t receive it.

    Sue Waters
    Support Manager
    Edublogs | CampusPress

  13. Hi Shazia, Only teachers and student of Catholic and Government schools in Victoria Australia can join Global2. If you are partnering them in a Twin schools Project. They can ask us to sign you in as sort of a kind of chaperon. Its the way we ensure that we know who are members of Global2.

  14. Luke Symes says:

    I am looking to join and have access to Global2 but do not have an edumail account. I currently work at Bacchus Marsh Grammar we use

  15. Sorry no the licence is for Government and Catholic schools only unlsee you are involved in one of our projects. Can I recommend signing up to Edublogs and paying the annual fee.

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