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Global2 resources to support privacy

The Department has developed two support resources for Global 2 users: a Global2 User Guide for Schools and Teachers and a Global2 Information for Parents booklet. These support resources are critical to ensure student information is kept private. The Guide provides...

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Learning from home resources

The Department has a range of resources to support learning from home including: General Advice The Departments learning from home webpage provides advice to early childhood services and schools. Learning from home training sessions WebEx ClickView Stile Education...

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Keep up to date with all things digital

The Digital Learning News is a monthly newsletter from DET Digital Learning Services. Subscribe here to keep up to date with professional learning, software and resources to support you in your classroom. You can also find ​teaching ideas, materials and safety for...

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Microsoft Education Tune-Up Recruiting New Schools!

Microsoft are accepting expressions of interest for their free Microsoft Education Tune-Up program for Terms 1 and 2, 2020. Their team of Education experts are on hand to meet with your school. Through a series of workshops and meetings we will deliver a comprehensive...

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Help inform the quality of digital teaching resources

Have your say on how you and your colleagues use the Department's digital education resources. The Department wants feedback from teachers about how you use digital educational resources for teaching and learning.  Your feedback will form part of a research and...

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Multiparadigm Data Science

Wolfram U’s latest interactive course, Multiparadigm Data Science, gives a comprehensive overview of Multiparadigm Data Science (MPDS) through a series of videos, quizzes and live computations, all running from the Wolfram Cloud. Using real-world examples, this free...

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First Day Teaching Toolkit and Q&A Webinar

The Australian Children’s Television Foundation’s (ACTF) First Day Teaching Toolkit explores themes relevant to the Year 6/7 transition, including values, identity, resilience, friendships, and inclusivity. First Day (2017) follows main character Hannah as she...

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Curious about workshopping with The Conversation?

Why do spiders have hairy legs? Do sharks sneeze? Is there anything hotter than the sun? The team behind The Conversation’s Curious Kids has the answers to these and many more weird and wonderful questions. The Conversation is an Australian news and perspectives...

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Safer Internet Day kicks off at Clifton Hill Primary School

Clifton Hill Primary School today hosted the Australian launch of Safer Internet Day 2019, with students pledging their commitment to the 4Rs – respect, resilience, responsibility and reasoning – by placing a symbolic handprint on a mural reflecting these values....

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The Conversation: reliable, insightful resources

The Victorian Government is a strategic partner of The Conversation. Content for the news site is written by academics and researchers with deep subject expertise. That means teachers and students can rely on these articles being based on evidence and informed by...

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Should you use student photos online?

 Even though 99.99 per cent of visitors to your class blog will be well-meaning parents, students, community members, or interested visitors from around the world, the unfortunate reality is that those with bad intentions can also visit public sites.The...

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Access interactive video resources through ClickView

Teachers and students in Victorian government secondary and P-12 schools have access to digital learning tool ClickView as part of the Secondary School Software Suite. Through ClickView, teachers and students can access thousands of curriculum-based videos and...

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Don’t miss the Kids’ Conference 2018

Schools are invited to register to be part of this innovative student-led conference that aims to engage young people in forms of education that celebrate curiosity, imagination and creative problem-solving. Hosted by Australian Catholic University and sponsored...

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Privacy Guidance

Before you create you first blog, it is essential to read the Department recommendations for use located on the About page.









Helpful Resources

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