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Digital Deck 5: What is… Debut Video Capture?

Debut is an easy to use program that allows you to capture what you see on your screen. It can be used to capture online video conferencing sessions or to create video tutorials of a software program. Debut allows you to record video and audio simultaneously, create photo snapshots at any time, add text captions or time stamps to your video and adjust the video resolution, size and video quality.

Getting started today

·         View the resource package on FUSE – 8QJZQP

·         Go to ePotential ICT Capabilities Resource and search for ‘Debut’ to find examples of how this program is being used in schools.

·         Go to Digital Learning Showcase: win/debut

Ideas for the classroom

·         Capture instant snapshots from your videos to save them as JPEG files to be inserted into other presentation software.

·         Produce ‘how to’ tutorials and teaching clips by recording screen movements, including audio that outputs as video files.

·         Use Debut for assessment. Ask students to capture video files of their reflections to include in their Learning Portfolios.

·         Ask students to create their own videos, with captions and other effects, from their webcam or other video input device, recording video memos and then email to their classmates or teacher.

For more user resources on Debut Video Capture, click here.

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