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Privacy Awareness Week is a time to consider the personal information we share online and how we can protect it and teach out kids to protect theirs.
The eSafety Commission and the Department of Education and Training are offering a webinar for years 4, 5 and 6 students titled Secret Security Business on Monday 15 May.

There are two sessions you can register for. One in the morning 10 – 10.40 am and  a repeat at 2 – 2.40pm. Register here: for either or both sessions.

Some of the ideas that will be discussed include:
Think before you reveal personal information about yourself or your friends.
and highlighting some of the ways that you may give away personal information including:

• Tagging photos
• Posting photos with details identifying the location of your house and school
• Posting holiday photos that show you are not home
• Mentioning where you or someone is located
• Completing ‘How well do you know your friends’ quizzes
• Forwarding chain mail emails
• Saying yes to address sharing on apps
• Asking for information publicly – such as phone numbers
Hope to see you online