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Due to popular demand we are repeating the highly successful webinar from the National Day of Action to prevent Bullying.
Audience: Years 4, 5 and 6 students.
Date: Weds 29 March  2.15- 2.55 pm
We will let the students know where they can chat on the day.

Presented by Greg Gebhart and Sandy Phillips

The presentation will assist students to:
• identify when upsetting and annoying behaviour becomes cyberbullying
• recognise the emotions that appear when they or a friend is having a bad online experience
• deal with cyberbullying and seek support when it is serious
• remember to always use respectful chat online

Schools who weren’t able to attend the session can register here.

I will send registered teachers a link to get into the session (as a teacher) on the 28th March or if you register after that the night before the webinar, early in the day of the 30th March
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Attention Global2 users: Department-funding for Global2 is being discontinued.

The Department of Education and Training will not be funding the use of Global2 past the end of the current contract on 31st of December 2020.

Please refer to FUSE for further details on the discontinuation of funding and transition options available for schools.