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Digital Technologies Curriculum L5-6 Digital Systems

Content Description

  • Examine the main components of common digital systems, and how such digital systems may connect together to form networks to transmit data.


Lesson Ideas

Online Resources

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  • Eeek a Mouse: this lesson explores how a computer mouse was designed and how it works as an input device to direct a computer and create a positive user experience (aspects that affect how an end-user interacts with digital systems, such as navigation design, expertise of user and ergonomics). Try Engineering
  • Network Communication Protocols: this lesson idea supports students learning about how messages are sent from one computer to another. CS Unplugged
  • Inside a computer: this website explores the various components of a computer and poses a challenge for students to complete. Goodwill Community Foundation, Inc
  • Routing and Deadlock in Networks: students learn about sending messages through the internet and the possibility of ‘deadlock’. This activity helps students to work together to find a solution. CS Unplugged
  • Tablets of Stone, Network communication protocols: students explore how computers talk to each other over the internet via messages, however sometimes these get lost. CS Unplugged
  • Artificial Intelligence: this activity aims to introduce the topic of what a computer program is and how everything computers do involves following instructions written by computer programmers. It also aims to start a discussion about what intelligence is and whether something that just blindly follows rules can be considered intelligent. Paul Curzon

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