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A great idea for science week:

Do you have a favourite science experiment you’ve conducted in class or watched on YouTube? Or have you been inspired by a great scientific discovery in history? If you’re at an Australian high school, you could win a $500 voucher and get your science story published in Australia’s top science mags!

The Bragg Prize is an annual award celebrating the best non-fiction science essay written for a general audience. For the first time this year the prize is expanding to include a special category for students. An initiative of UNSW Press, UNSW Science and Refraction Media, the UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing is designed to encourage and celebrate the next generation of science writers, researchers and leaders. For an aspiring university Dean of Science or Walkley Award-winning journalist, this could be the first entry on their CV.

Entering is easy! Write a short piece about a mind-blowing experiment. Entries must be less than 800 words and can cover:

  • Your reaction to an amazing experiment you’ve seen on video or in real life
  • An experiment you have done yourself – what happened and what went wrong (or right!)
  • An historical experiment: From Marie Curie’s experiments with radioactivity to Galileo’s experiments with gravity, history is full of figures who have pushed the boundaries of what we know in science.
  • Experiments in the media and society. From Minecraft to Mythbusters, The Invisible Man to Jurassic World, celebrate the tales of experiments, inventions and discoveries.
  • Go to the website to get some inspiring ideas as well as some tips for great science writing.

Entries close September 7 2015 to 5:00 PM Full details