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What does good teaching look like?

AITSL has identified this as a “highly accomplished” example of a teacher who

  • Knows content and how to teach it
  • Knows students and how they learn

Peter Smyth is the teacher. Gungahlin College, Canberra is the school. Rumour has it that Peter was a first year teacher here. (I could be wrong it has happened before)

There is much talk about a “Flipped Classroom” particularly in conversations around using digital technologies.Peter Smyth. png

This post is in response to some of the simplified or misconceived interpretations around flipped classroom – A simple idea whereby you get your kids to do the stuff they do at home (homework) and swap it with the stuff they do at school. The conversation often then jumps to the various technologies to enable the flip…..


This is an outstanding example of what can be achieved by using a flipped classroom approach  – It is hosted on the AITSL site and I would suggest poorly tagged as “Maths on YouTube”.

It is way more than that, with concepts around about student voice and self managed leaning and I would suggest anyone ever wanting to see TPACK and SAMR working watch this.

Use this film to start conversations at your staff meeting. It is particularly relevant  for schools considering a flipped classroom approach, going 1-to-1 or just looking at buying quality learning time with students.

What is so compelling is his, and his students capacity to talk about their “flipped classroom” approach in terms of teaching and learning.

Snaps also to Peter Maggs who shot and cut the film and asked the questions about teaching and learning.