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Often teachers want to share the ebooks their students have made with a wider audience, not least parents! It’s such a rewarding experience for the students and the teacher to see a book they’ve created being published and shared beyond the classroom. Thanks to Dan Kemp for spelling out the steps for teachers.

As the developers of Book Creator for iPad, a tool that’s often used in schools to create ebooks, we wanted to share a tutorial for teachers on how to publish a book to the iBookstore.

What You’ll Need

Apple provide an excellent Frequently Asked Questions section on their site to help you get started with these two necessities, so fear not!

You’ll want to make sure you’ve got Apple’s guidance document to hand: Using iTunes Producer 2.9 for Books. It’s the definitive guide and is on the whole quite easy to follow. You may also find the Apple Support Community to be a useful resource.

iTunes Producer is essentially about packaging up the details of the book, the assets, and the metadata to submit to the iBookstore. Full article