Global2 Collective Knowledge Construction Challenge COMING SOON!

The COUNTDOWN begins!
Global2 Collective Knowledge Construction Challenge will begin on Monday 25th July 2011.
Come and Join us!!


Our aim is to build our community in Global2 so that we become a sustainable blogging platform for Victorian teachers and their students into the future. We are endeavoring to follow in the footsteps of the excellent Challenges set by the Edublogs team and will be hoping for you to share this with your colleagues, friends and PLN’s.

We encourage all our government school teachers to JOIN US in the Ultranet and invite you to play a role in our Global2 Collaborative Space ID 114652913 . Go check us out!

The Globla2Challenge will focus on the current work of Richard Olsen’s white paper, Collective Knowledge Construction. Richard Olsen is the Assistant Director of IdeasLAB.

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One comment on “Global2 Collective Knowledge Construction Challenge COMING SOON!
  1. Britt Gow says:

    I was lucky enough to attend Richard Olsen’s presentation with Bruce Dixon from IdeasLab at the Australian Teacher Education Conference in Melbourne in July. He has written a very interesting paper describing a model for emerging technologies in education. We have been connecting, communicating and collaborating for a while now – let’s take it to the next level and start building collective knowledge!

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