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If you’ve been checking in with your Globalteacher blogs and noticed a change of URL, or if you haven’t noticed the changes on this page, then welcome to Global2 the new space for DEECD schools to Collaborate, Communicate and Create. The new space brings together the previous GlobalTeacher and GlobalStudent spaces into the one, Global2.


Like the previous spaces, Global2 is an edublogs campus, in fact one of the largest in the world and offers all of the advantages of edublogs WordPress based blogs but with the support of and integration with DEECD tools.

Going forward with Global2 we have a number of exciting initiatives and plans in progress more of which will be announced on this site soon so watch this space. If you are a previous or existing member of Globalteacher or Globalstudent and you are looking to create new blogs, (and of course we hope you do), then Global2 is the space to do this.

We also know that with any restructuring of this kind some unplanned things can happen. If you find that there are problems with your existing blogs, please bare with us as we work through any issues and accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause in the short term. Please also know that your existing blogs have been archived in the short term and the content can be accessed. You might also like to look at a previous post on backing up your blog so that you also have a copy of your work.

Again can we encourage any existing users who are concerned about any of the results of these changes to be patient as we very much value the fabulous work you’ve done previously in either Globalteacher or Globalstudent and look forward to even better things in the future.