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Students at Canterbury Primary School organised a Maker Festival for students and teachers from local schools. The purpose of the festival was to create, make & share with a range of traditional and innovative technologies. Dr Gary Stager shared his ideas about how making provides rich learning experiences for students.

Prompts for discussion
  • How have the students positioned the school as a community hub? For what purpose?
  • How are the students actively involved in networks and partnerships that support their development and learning?
  • How have partners collaborated to design and deliver programs targeted at each student’s needs?
  • How has the use of technology been targeted and supported to enable curriculum outcomes?
  • How does personalised learning occur through the use of technology?
  • What pedagogies are visible in this clip?
  • How are the Capabilities demonstrated in this clip?

In this case study about a student-led event, Canterbury PS students organised a Maker Festival for students and teachers from local schools. Students learned about new technologies in the weeks leading up to the festival and took the lead in developing workshops for visitors. Read how student voice, agency and leadership empowered the students and built understanding.

This case study is an example of:

  • High Impact Teaching Strategy: Collaborative Learning
  • Practice Principle Three: Student voice, agency and leadership empower students and build school pride.