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There are countless education blogs worldwide focusing on education. Within this thriving community is Global2, which is used widely by Victorian Schools to share learning and teaching. Each month the Teaching and Learning branch look at the data of new blogs being created, users, and popular sites, to monitor the activity, ensuring that it remains a safe online space for students. We also write regular blog posts so that when users visit the main Global2 page ( or the Digital Learning News blog ( they are met with up to date and useful posts on relevant Victorian education information.

Three blogs in the top 20 trending blogs on Global2 this week are the following. These communities have been built up to share information widely across both local and global education communities. Take the time to look at the elements of a successful blog and the tremendous work that has been dedicated to keeping these blogs current and useful.

Kororoit Creek Music Blog:

Screen capture of Kororit Creek music blog

This comprehensive primary music blog categorises specific resources by year level including songs and music each year level are exploring, homework activities, and the blogs for each for the past three years. The blog has details of the songs that the junior and senior choirs are learning, and information about other extra music activities which are happening in the school such as Spectacular, Radio club, Christmas, Recorder Ensemble and Music Count Us In. This blog is a great example of how a blog platform can be used to share information with students, parents and colleagues.

Multimedia with Mr Lewis

Multimedia with Mr Lewis screen capture
This teacher focused blog publishes details of multimedia lessons and topics taught across the whole school by year level. It provides details of how to approach the Digital Technologies curriculum by looking at areas such as CyberSafety, Coding, Digital Sytems, Data and Information and Digital Solutions. It is a good reference point for other teachers implementing the new Victorian Curriculum.

Tools to enhance Assessment Literacy – For teachers of English as an additional language

Tools for enhancing assessment literacy for teachers of english as an additional language, screen capture of blog.

This Department managed blog provides information and resources to support students with English as an additional language. It contains information about professional learning, assessment tools, example units of work and a discussion forum to share and collaborate. It is an easy to navigate blog, which is set out more like a website to provide a valuable resource to teachers of English as an additional language.