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The YABBA Awards is a great opportunity to engage students in reading practice whilst encouraging student voice.  Students get to recommend, read, rate and reward their favourite Australian books through the YABBA Awards.

As a 2017 YABBA Member each Victorian Primary School will get to participate in the remainder of this year’s program. On top of this, schools will also be given the opportunity to participate in 10 virtual online sessions across 2017. These sessions will connect students to leading Australian authors and illustrators, during which these experts will discuss and share their craft with students. More details on each session can be found below the “Posts” heading as the sessions get nearer, however the best way to stay abreast of what is happening is to subscribe to the blog and get each post delivered to your inbox.

Register for one online session or the whole series. However, the online sessions are only a small part of the whole program. Make sure to read this post to get all the information on how to fully engage with YABBA in 2017.

Students read as many shortlisted books as possible and to begin their critical assessing in preparation for voting.
Students reward their favourite book by voting online from the 1st of September

Check out the sessions and register here