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Digital Technologies Curriculum L9-10 Data and Information

Content Description

  • Analyse simple compression of data and how content data are separated from presentation.
  • Develop techniques for acquiring, storing and validating quantitative and qualitative data from a range of sources, considering privacy and security requirements.
  • Analyse and visualise data to create information and address complex problems, and model processes, entities and their relationships using structured data.
  • Manage and collaboratively create interactive solutions for sharing ideas and information online, taking into account social contexts and legal responsibilities.

Lesson Ideas

Online Resources

Students with Computer

  • Analysing the Game: explore the research behind sports data collection. Please note teachers will need to create a free login to access the quality teaching resources. Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Exploring Binary Code: use this activity to support students to be able to explain on-off terms of binary coding. Please note teachers will need to create a free login to access this quality resource. Institute of Engineering and Technology
  • The Australian Magician’s Dream: use this lesson sequence to help students to understand computational thinking, algorithms and data. Paul Curzon and Peter McOwan
  • Computational Thinking – Searching to Speak: use this idea to create a sequence of lessons supporting students to explore computational thinking, data, binary, and algorithms. Paul Curzon

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