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The Victorian Games and Apps Challenge closes 14 Oct (early Term 4) in 2016. Its not too late to get an entry in.

We are holding final webinars for the challenge to help to pull it all together and get is submitted.

GAC Submission Support Session: Minecraft Edu and Touch Develop  Register here 

Finalists of the Challenge will be showcased during the Education in Games Summit held on 7 November, which forms part of the Melbourne Games Week.

About the session:

Are your students creating their prototype in Minecraft Edu or Touch Develop? Are you across what you need to do for the Submission checklists:

Touch Develop

  • A link to your published game within our portfolio

Minecraft Edu

  • An export of their world
  • Screenshots of the world including all key locations, actions and activities
  • Descriptions and captions of these screenshots explaining what we are seeing
  • A detailed description with any relevant links explaining how their Minecraft world addresses the problem
  • Any designs or drawings for structures that have yet to be constructed
  • A written guide detailing the rules for engaging with their Minecraft world, for example:
  • If the student has built any redstone circuits, have they explained their function and how they work?

Join expert Microsoft Teaching Ambassador, Matthew Jorgensen for a last opportunity to ask questions and trouble shoot any issues you may have