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Digital Technologies Curriculum L7-8 Digital Systems 

Content Description

  • Investigate how data are transmitted and secured in wired, wireless and mobile networks.


Lesson Ideas

Online Resources

CS Unplugged

  • Encryption: use this hands-on activity to give students a broader understanding of Internet web browser secure HTTPS communication concepts (e.g. session key’s strength, problem of session key exchange). CS Unplugged
  • Communication over distance: this activity is a practical session in which students work in groups to investigate the necessity of developing standards and protocols for communication using a basic electrical circuit. Lesson plans, hand-outs and worksheets are all included. Please note that teachers will need to create a free login to access quality teaching materials. Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • How a computer works (presentation and task): this PowerPoint helps students to investigate computer networks and includes a learning task at the end.
  • Network Designer: use this video as a seed to start learning about communication systems. After watching students could then go on to have a class discussion about some of the terms used or break off into teams to investigate the systems further. Wonderville
  • Applications of programmable systems: students investigate one programmable system from the past which have enabled inventions of today. Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Infrastructure: a PowerPoint presentation and activity to support students in exploring the elements of technological infrastructure. Institution of Engineering and Technology
  • Signals: this activity introduces students to communications technology giving them an understanding of vocabulary used. Institution of Engineering and Technology

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