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Digital Technologies Curriculum L5-6 Creating Digital Solutions

Content Description

  • Define problems in terms of data and functional requirements, drawing on previously solved problems to identify similarities.
  • Design a user interface for a digital system, generating and considering alternative design ideas.
  • Design, modify and follow simple algorithms represented diagrammatically and in English, involving sequences of steps, branching, and iteration.
  • Develop digital solutions as simple visual programs.
  • Explain how student-developed solutions and existing information systems meet current and future community and sustainability needs.

Lesson Ideas

Online Resources

Aitken Creek Computers

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors: this activity builds on the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Students start by playing the traditional game and then explore the context of computer modelling by viewing a model that uses the same rules. Students decode a computer program to learn basic concepts.Project GUTS
  • Posti: an online game to teach students about social media and interpreting friends’ posts. Students can go back and play the game multiple times and get to know the characters’ personalities.
  • Conditionals with cards: students learn about algorithms and conditional statements. Students explore circumstances when certain parts of programs should run and when they should not and determine whether a conditional is met based on criteria.Tinkersmith
  • The Muddy City – Minimal Spanning Trees: this lesson supports students to explore different types of networks and investigate ways to efficiently link objects in a network.CS Unplugged
  • Microwave Racing Video: this lesson is focused on human-computer interaction, usability and usability evaluation.Queen Mary University of London
  • The Emotion Machine Activity: this lesson introduces students to programming, instruction sequences and computational thinking. Queen Mary University of London

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