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Digital Technologies Curriculum F-L2 Creating Digital Solutions

Content Description

  • Follow, describe and represent a sequence of steps and decisions (algorithms) needed to solve simple problems.
  • Explore how people safely use common information systems to meet information, communication and recreation needs.

Lesson IdeasOnline Resources

  • Graph paper programming: in this lesson plan by students learn to program each another, by giving instructions to draw a picture. They explore the concepts of programming. For further information, see the supporting video.
  • Plant a seed: this lesson idea supports students to think about how computers work by following specific instructions. Students need to work out which instructions are important to plant a seed and order them correctly. The teachers explicitly teach and discuss how this is a similar way that a computer works and instructions determine the outcome which may change. Connections could be made with this area of the curriculum when teaching students about procedure texts in English.
  • Hector’s World lesson plans: Hector’s World is an age appropriate animation with fun and engaging characters that explores digital safety. Children can observe the characters as they learn how to stay safe online. Teachers can find full lesson plans on the website to help scaffold class discussions and follow up activities. eSafety Commission

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