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DigitalTechnologies Curriculum F-L2 Data and Information

Content Description

  • Recognise and explore patterns in data and represent data as pictures, symbols and diagrams.
  • Collect, explore and sort data, and use digital systems to present the data creatively.
  • Independently and with others create and organise ideas and information using information systems, and share these with known people in safe online environments.


Lesson Ideas

Online Resources

  • Shapes that tessellate: a range of printable templates for students to explore patterns and tessellations through the use of colour. Ask students to complete the pattern that a friend has designed? Jo Edkins
  • Nrich Maths: Handling Data: use this collection of lesson ideas by Nrich, to explain to students how to collect, handle, sort and represent data. The individual lesson ideas give the teacher a detailed plan of how to teach the content in an investigative mode, including possible questions and extensions. University of Cambridge
  • How is data stored on a computer?: use this resource to support students to understand how computers store data. As an extension of this activity students create short videos and photos using a digital camera or a tablet and transfer these to a computer. Start a discussion with students about how video and images are stored on a computer and different sizes/types of files. BBC Bitesize
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