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Digital Technologies Curriculum F-2 Digital Systems

Content Description 
Identify and use digital systems (hardware and software components) for a purpose.

Lesson Ideas

  • Introduction to Information Networks: is an ‘unplugged’ activity designed to assist students to understand what information networks are and how they work. Sara Mackinnon
  • Workshop: Simulate computer: this sequence of lesson activities supports students to learn about the different components of a computer and how they work together. Misha Leder
  • Exploring input and output devices – lesson sequence to step students through understanding input and output. BBC Bitesize
  • Workbooks to interact with computers using keyboard and or mouse – These student workbooks support students to explore how the alphabet is represented on the keyboard. They also explore different ways letters can appear by using Caps Lock or the Shift keys. (Access only available to Victorian government school teachers). Konstantinos Kapodistrias