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Microsoft small logoPicture2and the Department of Education and Training are presenting free coaching sessions for teachers to support the Victorian Games and Apps Challenge.

Students are welcome to attend if teachers wish to invite them. They will not need to register.
Teachers do not need to be registered for the Challenge or even Victorian to attend. – All are welcome but you never know you might catch the Gaming bug!

The sessions will be delivered by Adobe Connect (no special equipment required)

15th August, 4 – 5pm:  John Sietsma – Unity 3D introduction

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16th August, 4 – 5pm:  Dan Bowen / Dave Glover – Visual Studio

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18th August, 4 – 5pm:  Trent Ray – Touch Develop 

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22nd August, 4 – 5pm: Matt Jorgensen – MinecraftEdU

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For Full Details of the Games and Apps Challenge go to :

Professional Development & Training Sessions