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We have organised another Webinar with the eSafety Commission on the 18th March 2016 for The  National Day of Action Against Bullying

THE SESSION WILL RUN FROM 10.00am – 10.40am The session is about Communicating Online

The presentation will assist students to:

  • understand why online messages can be easily misunderstood
  • recognise that messages can be hurtful even when this may not be the intent
  • understand that non-verbal behaviours help us receive messages more than volume, pitch or words
  • consider when teasing crosses the line and becomes harmful and hurtful
  • identify appropriate responses to someone communicating inappropriately.

There will be a strong message of the role of a bystander across the session to support the ideas of The  National Day of Action Against Bullying

Audience: Years 4, 5 and 6 students

THE SESSION WILL RUN FROM 10.00am – 10.40am. The room will open at 8.00am to allow teachers to set up and test equipment. The message you get back will describe the session as starting at 8 am. Register your class here

We are trying to balance the times of the sessions between afternoon and morning. We have had feedback from teachers in favour of both times. We will repeat this session once we get the email situation sorted (You will see it appears to have been sent from Gmail once you register (cunning plan!!)

Look forward to seeing you there.

A reminder if you want your students to participate in the back channelling activity – One device between 2 is ideal and get your students to pick a user name with their school initials and any number  eg Altona Green Primary School = AGPS 25  I will open the TodaysMeet, let you know the address and moderate it on the day.