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The Edublogs Global Student Blogging Challenge

sbc2015-17x6216Come get your students blogging and connecting with their peers from around the world!

The Global Student Blogging Challenge is a free project that the Edublogs team runs for 10 weeks. The event has occured twice yearly since 2008.

The next challenge starts on October 4 and it is now time to register your blog.

The March 2014 student blogging challenge involved:

  • 115 classes
  • 1300 students
  • 15 countries
  • 32 mentors

During the challenge, Sue Wyatt (@tasteach), along with support from Sue Waters and the team atEdublogs, provides weekly challenge tasks to help students and classes building blogging skills and connect globally through their blogs.

The Challenge is open to both class blogs and to individual student bloggers from all over the world and of all ages – blogs don’t need to be hosted by Edublogs to participate, but your blog must be public.

Check out the following pages to learn more about the Challenge:

To Register

There are two ways to register:

To Help

There have been over 1300 students in the last few challenges and it isn’t possible for Sue Wyatt to visit them all regularly.

Can you help with this?

You might be a teacher, principal, educational coach, parent, retired teacher or a trainee teacher and would like to get involved with student blogging. You can register as a mentor and help mentor small groups of 10-30 students during the challenge.

What do the students learn about in the challenge?

  • creating pages and posts
  • creating avatars
  • digital citizenship
  • commenting skills
  • connecting with students globally
  • using tools and embedding on their blog