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The Artists in Schools project funding is available to schools for 2015. Information sessions are being held across Victoria and online. Details here –

Applications for the Artists in Schools funding program are due Tuesday 8 September 2015 for projects starting after 10 April in 2016

This is a great chance to have a look at some of the wonderful projects undertaken through this project in previous years

  • I Had a Dream – A digital movement, performance and installation project developed in partnership between students at Thomastown Secondary College and digital choreographer Hellen Sky. dream
  • Water Course – A collaboration between environmental artist Michael Shiell and students at Dimboola Memorial Secondary College.
  • From Scratch – A ceramics project where students from Mansfield Primary School worked with artist Wendy Jagger to create and design their own porcelain tableware.
  • No One Owns the Streets – A theatre project the responded to contemporary street culture led by artist Suze Smith.
  • In My Day – An animation project that explored the generation gap produced by Natimuk Primary school students and animator Dave Jones.


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