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Science concepts, ideas and questions and the capacity to get involved – every science enthusiasts’ dream.

I can’t stop singing the Periodic Table song (6.7M of us cant be wrong!) but I am not doing it as well as a 4 year old who has submitted their video to meet the challenge. This is just one video from and extensive collection produced by the asapSCIENCE team in Canada.

The videos look at the science behind everyday questions and are really pitched at students wondering about the world. You may have seen the What colour is the dress? question doing the social media rounds. The asapSCIENCE team have produced a video explaining the science behind it all.

Great resource for Science classrooms and homework options for teachers.

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Victorian Government Schools who wish to provide YouTube Access can view this advice on the DET site 

Many schools have opened access to YouTube for their teachers and some have opened it for students. Outlining expected behaviors when using social media sites is part of educating student to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies.