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Ensuring that you are using images you have permission to use and presenting the attribution of those images appropriately is a challenge for all bloggers.

CompfightCompfight is a new function in Global2. The plugin allows you to search Creative Commons images on Flickr from directly inside your dashboard and add the images to posts with attribution.

Lots of educators like using Compfight as it makes it faster to find images which have been made available by their creators. It is really important to have the conversation with your students that the technology is supporting them to do the right thing by automatically acknowledging the copyright owner. These owners have used Creative Commons licences to allow all of us to enjoy and use their images. Attribution is what they have asked in return. A pretty fair deal really.

We have attempted to keep the search as safe as possible with some clever tech work by the Edublogs team. Blocking certain words from search helps but it is always important to quality assure the images yourself as sometimes the internet can let you down. The message that there is nothing like your own common sense.

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