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Global2 blogs are used for many purposes. Teachers who are setting up, or considering setting up blogs with their students are reminded that they must obtain permission from both their principal and the parents of students, if they are setting up student blogs.

The default setting for all blogs in Global2 is public but blocked to search engines . This means that people who have the link to a blog can see the blog. This allows students and parents to see blogs easily. Teachers can connect students to each others blogs easily.

If students are beginning to use blogs, or are using them with any personal information such as a digital portfolio then teachers MUST set the student blogs to Private. They must also make themselves administrators to each student blog.

The best way to add yourself as administrator to student blogs, and control privacy on their blogs, is to set up My Class on your class blog and connect your student blogs to your class blog using My Class.  You’ll find detailed step by step instructions for setting up and using My Class here.  Student accounts must be created using their school email account.

Privacy Options

Global2 users can select from the following privacy options via Settings > Reading:

  • Allow search engines to index this site
  • Discourage search engines from indexing this site (this is the default setting)
  • Visitors must have a login – anyone that is a registered user of can gain access.
  • Only registered users of this blogs can have access – anyone found under Users > All Users can have access (setting to ensure most privacy).
  • Only administrators can visit – good for testing purposes before making it live.
  • Anyone that visits must first provide this password

If you are using My Class, students can’t change privacy on their student blogs and it is controlled in My Class > Settings.