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This Virtual Conference is hosted by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD Victoria)

All schools are welcome

Date/time:   Thursday 13 November 2014, 10 am – 10.40 am.

Audience:      Years 4, 5 and 6 students.

To register you and your students for the event go to :

Once you register you will be sent the details of the event including the link to enter the virtual room.


To participate in the event you need to just have internet, speakers and a microphone.

To share with the class you may wish to present the session on a screen or interactive whiteboard.

If this is your first Blackboard Collaborate Conference we advise you to contact your Virtual Conference Coach who is available to assist teachers and students to prepare for a virtual conference. They can assist with setting up hardware and software, and can share ideas for connecting with others. Coaching occurs online via discussion forums, email and web conferences, by phone or by site visits.

Anne Mirtschin – Twitter @murcha

Sally Walsh – Twitter @salwal55

Ben Gallagher – Twitter @Ben_Mr_G

Ian Narracott – Twitter @macnarra

The presentation will:

  • Help students identify ways to manage and prevent cyberbullying behaviour
  • Encourage students to seek support if they are experiencing cyberbullying
  • Encourage students to be ‘good’ bystanders if they witness cyberbullying
  • Help students recognise bullying online
  • Provide strategies to deal with cyberbullying behaviour

With the help of classroom teachers, the presentation will feature interactive questions and answers.

Post presentation activities;
there are numerous resources available through with the following aligning with the cyberbullying theme.

Cyberbullying – You be the judge
Students critically evaluate a number of cyberbullying video clips online and judge how well each clip conveys the key messages. (YouTube access required)
Lesson plan:

This video series follows the online experiences of a group of lower secondary students. Over five short episodes, the students find themselves in situations that catch them off-guard and teach them the consequences of making poor decisions online.

Cybersmart is a national program managed by the Australian Communications and Media Authority, as part of the Australian Government’s commitment to cybersafety.