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This DEECD endorsed course runs from 4 June to 29 October 2014 and provides Victorian teachers with a flexible professional development program showcasing the ways in which
teachers from around the state are adding value to teaching and learning through effective and seamless use of ICT in the classroom. The program will provide practical examples of how primary and secondary teachers are enhancing their curriculum delivery and student learning through authentic and effective use of ICT, virtual communities and Web 2.0 tools. The opening session will feature a keynote address and workshop from Will Richardson, an internationally recognised educator, writer and thinker on the intersection of social media and education.

The course assumes that participants will have basic ICT skills, but is targeted at those wanting to enhance their knowledge, skills and curriculum delivery. It will be relevant to:

  • Primary teachers
  • Secondary teachers up to year 10
  • Specialists, Leading Teachers, Assistant Principals and Principals

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