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Accident rates on the Melbourne Metro were rising, largely due to an increase in risky behavior around trains. But a rail safety message was the last thing our audience wanted to hear and traditional public safety messages just don’t work on young people: tell them to do one thing and they’ll do the opposite. So we had to turn a message that people needed to hear into a message that people wanted to hear. The way we did it was to embed the message into awesomely entertaining content.


From day one, everything about this campaign was designed to be inherently spreadable via social technologies. The main digital channels used were Tumblr, YouTube, Soundcloud, iTunes and a microsite. The three-minute video lived on YouTube. The video was reimagined as 21 animated GIFs on Tumblr. These GIFs created huge and immediate viral effect, driving traffic to both YouTube and our microsite. Once on YouTube, people were given a series of links: they could purchase the song on iTunes, download it for free via Soundcloud, visit our website and get free GIFs off our Tumblr site.