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Pupils may soon be able to sit school assessments online when they are ready, rather than waiting for the traditional exam period.

New Zealand Qualifications Authority chief executive Karen Poutasi has outlined what she says could be a “significant cultural shift for New Zealand” in a recent speech to secondary principals about the next decade in education.

“We can reach a position within eight years where most students will be sitting examinations using a digital device,” she said.

Secondary Principals Association president Tom Parsons said the system would be of huge benefit to intelligent pupils who were being held back in the classroom while they waited for end-of-year exams.

Teachers would manage pupils at different levels because it was already happening.

“Kids don’t always learn in a meaningful and quick way unless engaged, but why shouldn’t we remove the barriers so that they can do that learning earlier in certain areas.”

He said principals supported the idea happening as soon as possible, although the structure of the classroom and teaching style would need some changes first. Full article

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