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Looking at these game sites its hard to resist something that is “free” and all there for you. One caution with some of these sites is to always look for the chat and social networking within. If the site has one it does present a risk and some difficulty in supervising just who your students are talking to. If the site allows you to control this then set it up to communication only in your classs , school or if agreed with other schools (Could be a unique group of interested students across schools. You can establish hard and fast rules about the set up of the space. Make sure you have parental permission and that they are fully informed and importantly that you set up expected behaviours as you would in your classroom and processes for supervision. (Just as you would in any class)
Just as we advise students look, think and consider the opportunities and the risks.

7 Brilliant ‘Design Your Own Game’ Websites/Apps for Students

There’s been a lot of buzz lately about the use of gaming in the classroom – from the ‘gamification’ of learning to the use of Minecraft to teach everything from physics to strategic thinking.  Since long before education technology even existed, video games have been a hugely successful way to engage students, creating a fun and compelling environment in which they can learn, develop and interact with their peers. But allowing students to actually take control of designing the game themselves takes the concept to a whole new level, allowing them to practice a host of new creative and technical skills. Here are 5 websites – let the games begin!