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Here are two interesting articles for you to check out. Both are written by By , Education Editor Telegraph UK

Spellcheck generation ‘failing to write simple words’

Children are struggling to write “simple and everyday words” because of an increasing reliance on spellcheckers, according to research. Full article 


Text messaging ‘improves children’s spelling skills’

Mobile phone text messaging can boost children’s spelling skills, according to new research

The use of “textisms” can improve literacy among pupils by giving them extra exposure to word composition outside the school day, it was claimed.

The conclusions come despite fears that the use of abbreviations such as “CU L8R”, “Gr8” and “innit” can undermine children’s reading and writing.


Critics have suggested that text messaging can blur the boundaries between colloquialisms and standard English, with some teachers claiming that slang is now creeping into children’s school work. Full article