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Looking back over last year we can see Global2 has increased in new users fivefold. With over 61,000 comments across global2 blogs last year we can look forward to a bigger blogging year to come.

Global2 has many great teacher contributors and this year we would like to encourage your students or whole class to guest post on global2.
To get involved simply email your chosen post to be included. We look forward to reading about your class observations, start up projects, affirmative action or even solutions to unanswered questions!

Global2 is very excited about the latest and greatest updates from Edublogs so have a look around your new dashboard and explore!
I have included some of the important changes from as discussed by edublogs below :
1. A new dashboard look

This will be the first thing you notice if you haven’t already. Everything is still in a familiar location, but the look and feel is a bit more polished.
As you explore the made over dashboard, you will find several improvements such as better search for themes, easier ways to sort posts and pages, and other little tools built in that should make blogging a bit easier.

2. The Admin Bar
Across the top of your blog you will find a new Admin Bar which will help you navigate around your blog and our site.
You can turn off this bar under Settings > Admin Bar in your dashboard if you would prefer – but we find it handy to quickly add a new post, login, or go back and forth between the site and dashboard.

3. Custom Menus
Under Appearance > Menus you will find a brand new area for customizing the order and layout of your menus.
The drag-and-drop menu creation allows you to add links to any site on the web, specific categories, and more.
Adding custom menus is easy, and detailed directions on how are here.

4. Blog and User Creator
*This feature may not be available depending on how blog and user management is handled on your site.
We took some of the complexity out of creating new users and blogs that we had before by rolling everything into this new and improved creation tool.
You will be able to more easily create additional blogs, student blogs or accounts, and set it up so that you can manage them right from the get-go.