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The DEECD in association with ideasLab is sponsoring 70 places in an extraordinary Professional Development Opportunity

“…….to follow and connect around their passions…. and ….challenge almost every aspect of traditional schooling as we know it.”

The PLP ConnectU Project will endeavour to improve the understandings of its participants:

Knowledge: An understanding of the transformative potential of emerging technologies in a global perspective and context and how those potentials can be realised in schools using the Ultranet and Global2.

Pedagogy: An understanding of the shifting learning literacies that the 21st century demands and how these literacies inform teacher practice within the Ultranet and the growing web2 community.

Connections: The development of sustained professional learning communities and networks for team members to begin experimenting, sharing and collaborating with each other and with online colleagues from around the world. The project intends on building the capacity of our Web2 leaders, ensuring they will then increase the capacity of their colleagues and apply their learning within the Ultranet community as a whole.

DEECD teachers interested in this exciting program can download a pdf information poster or register direct via ideasLab though the timeline for registrations is short. Applications close on Friday March 11th with the first PD meetup on the 25th of March.