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Globalstudent users have recently received an email regarding the imminent closure of this Globalstudent edublogs campus. As a result Globalstudent users have not been able to create new blogs and access to existing Globalstudent blogs will expire with the campus closure. This closure is set down for the end of Term 1 in Victorian schools ie the 8th of April. Until that date they can continue to access their Globalstudent blogs and if they wish, to download or transfer the contents of the blog as detailed below.

If they wish to keep the contents of their Globalstudent blog they have a number of options. If they are a Victorian school they can create a new space on the new Global2 campus. Note if they have an existing Globalteacher blog they can login with those details. If they aren’t an existing Globalteacher user then they will need to create a new Global2 identity. As explained in the email to create Global2 identities they need to use either an edumail account or an email that ends in “yourschoolname” , where the “yourschoolname” is replaced with your school’s email identifier. (They may need to ask their technician to assist in this regard). Having created a Global2 identity then they can create blogs as they have done previously using the Blog and User Creator link within Global2.

To transfer the content froma¬† Globalstudent blog to a new Global2 blog they should follow the instructions provided below in the post about Improving BLOGGING in 2011, or by taking a direct link to a Scribd document that can be downloaded and distributed. These instructions also contain information regarding making a copy of the blog contents as a pdf file if they wish to do this as well. If they experience problems at all with this procedure then please don’t hesitate to email Global2 support at

If users are from a non-DEECD school but are or would like to be involved with DEECD schools in a project that would utilise a Global2 blog they can apply for access using the link under the Project Tab at the top of this page. If they don’t fit this criterion then they are encouraged to consider using edublogs, (the provider of our campus site), either by using a free account that contains Google ads or via an edublogs Pro account which enables a teacher to create one personal ad-free blog and up to 50 ad-free student blogs which costs $3.33 per month. Alternatively you can apply to edublogs re the cost of setting up a campus site. Alternatively you can also import your Globalstudent content to a range of other blogging portals.

If they elect not to download the contents of their Globalstudent come the 8th of April as explained above, the blog will no longer be accessible. In closing can we urge that if they do wish to download content that they do so sooner rather than later.