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Hi Bloggers,
Here’s a heads up… Have you ever heard of F U S E ?? FUSE is an acronym for Find – Use – and Share excellent Educational resources. FUSE is a web site developed by Knowledge Bank: Next Generation (of the Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD)).

Essentially, it’s a portal for teachers and students/parents to access and share some of the terrific educational resources available via the Web 2.0 collaborative context. Teachers have their own “desk top” accessible via their own TO numbers and edumail password. When logged in, a teacher can upload resource packages and files that they think would be good for sharing. A Q and A process occurs behind the scenes to check for creative commons/copy right and can automatically flag content accordingly. Subsequently, content can be rated for different degrees of usability based on copy right.

General users (non-teachers), can utilize the search engines and links to find resources across the curriculum. The resources can be teacher generated, web sites, professionally produced material and so on. Once you’ve found a useful site, there is an id number you can store and then use to immediately access the site via it’s id number.

I highly encourage our readers to look at FUSE. Personally, I have found a wealth of useful ‘stuff’ packed into a single portal.

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