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30 Go Green Tips for Teachers to Introduce to the Classroom

Global warming and environmental concerns have stood as hot, controversial issues for decades. Regardless of one’s political views, most people at their core at least agree that the Earth deserves fair, healthy, and kind treatment. Teachers hoping to instill a love of the planet and provide students with the skills and mindsets necessary for its proper care and maintenance have numerous opportunities to introduce green philosophies into the classroom. None of them adhere to any particular political party – they simply relate back to universal concepts that involve guiding a new generation towards preserving the delicate balance of life on the only home humanity has.

1. Set up a recycling bin.

One of the most basic things a teacher can do to nurture green initiatives in the classroom involves setting up simple recycling bins. Let students drop in their paper, aluminum, plastic and glass products to learn about means of disposal beyond the garbage can. If the school does not host a formal recycling program, just take the bins home when they fill up. Better yet, rally the students and campaign to install one.

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