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One of the great things about the Global Teacher and Global Student blogs are the opportunities they offer for sharing fantastic practice.

We’ve collated some great posts on the ‘What can I do?’ page in Global Teacher. Many teachers want to know more about engaging theirĀ readers and we’ve included some ideas for how you might do this too.

What could you do?

Provide students with guidelines for writing a book review. Post them on your blogĀ and encourage other students to respond to the books in the comments.
Take it further: encourage subsequent reviewers of the books to build on the comments of previous reviewers.

Write poems and encourage responses.
Take it further: Provide brief instructions and ask commenters to share their own poetry writing.

Watch videos of stories and create your own.
Take it further: ask commenters to share their favourite examples of a particular type of story.

Set a collaborative challenge where students plan a trip using google docs.
Take it further: encourage students to share their learning in the comments.

More ideas: ‘What can I do?’

What about you?

What posts are you particularly proud of and why? Was it the great learning you were able to showcase, student involvement, interaction in the comments? Feel free to leave your examples in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!