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I just started playing with Voicethread. It is a fun way of sharing photos and collaborating online. I know some teachers are using it for language development, e.g. in LOTE. They upload an image as a prompt, then ask students to leave comments in a language other than English. The teacher can then listen to all the comments and comment back to the students…very interactive and cool!¬† )

Below are two examples of a Voicethread embedded into this page. You can listen to all the comments by either clicking onto the big arrow in the middle of the big screen so the Voicethread starts playing, or alternatively just click on one of the small squares around the big screen to listen to that specific comment. If you want to leave a comment, leave your comment by clicking on the comment button on the bottom of the main screen, and then eiter type, record (a little screen will pop up asking you to give permission for the computer to use your microphone, just click the green tick to allow the microphone to be used for recording your comment) or upload your comment/sound effect/music snippet. Your comment will appear on a small square around the main frame, so everyone else can then listen to/view your comment. You can always delete your own comment, so don’t worry if you make a mistake. In the first Voicethread there are more than one photo to look at. You can move onto the next picture by clicking the big arrow in the bottom right hand corner of the main frame. The second Voicethread has only one screen. Thanks!

 Below is a Voicethread with many comments already:

To view my first attempt for Voicethread (Camel Wisdom), click this link ( )

To view the Hall’s Gap voicethread on the Voicethread site, here is the link