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This is a very cool tool for kids (and adults!) You sign up to Blabberize. This process takes about two seconds, no e-mail verification is needed. Next, you will be taken to your own page. If this is the first time you go to Blabberize, you will have nothing in your page. Choose “make” at the top of the page. You will be asked to upload a photo of a face. Next you will be asked to position and shape a mouth onto the mouth of the photo you uploaded. This is the part that will move as if the mouth opens and closes with the voice you record later on. Next you will be asked to add a recording, e.g. record something, or upload a sound or song you already have. Next, hit save. You will be asked to name your creation, write a short description, and add a few tags. Lastly, you can share your creation with the world as you will be given the HTML code, or a shortcut to email to friends….and wha-laa! You have created a talking photo, with moving mouth to boot!  Imagine the possibilities for making characters in a novel come alive, or for LOTE (having charaters talk/give instructions in the native tongue…)

Example of a Blabberize Cartoon:

Example of a Blabberize song: Michael Jackson singing “Bad”