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Well it seems I’ve been out in the digital wilderness for quite a while. Let me elaborate… My name is Altan. I’ve been blogging for about 18 months now (class blog). Last year I was involved with the DEECD KBNG:Web 2.0 collaborative learning project (phase 1). My focus was on cyber-safe issues related to classroom blogs and student engagement in the primary school setting. This also led to some work with Knowledge Bank’s soon to be released next generation environment.

Through my involvement, I came across the Global Teacher (GT) site. Wow, this was a revelation. So much content and structure. I had already set up my own classroom blog but the GT enviro gave me more substantial direction simply in it’s nature, engagement and content.

Some time later, I was presenting at the Web 2.0 KBNG celebration day (among others involved) and guess who was there??? Yes; Heather B. Now, I recall seeing Heather at the opening of the project but hadn’t been aware of GT. It wasn’t until I explored the GT blog that I realized who Heather is. Then, to see her again at the celebration day, gave more significance.

I had indicated that I was interested in the GT site beyond a passing fancy but have been busy beyond belief and have not been able to visit here for some time: until now. Phew. And, having come back to GT, I see some fabulous additions and the usual terrific content. So, I simply would like to say, congratulations on a great teaching/learning blog, the wonderful engagement and content. Cheers Heather.

Altan 😎
MY blog above is simply a student driven blog. Behind the scenes is some serious consideration given to cyber-safe engagement for the primary school student. Feel free to explore.