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I was reading a Grade 1 teacher’s blog pages recently ( and, and came upon this fun tool.  It is an online program called “This is sand” (, where you can create beautiful pictures by dropping ‘sand’ in different colours, onto the screen.  (The colours are changed by pressing ‘c’ on the key board, and then choosing the colour you want.)  Afterwards you can upload your creations to the gallery, so they can  be viewed online.  Of course, you could also printscreen the image, and copy it to Paint or Word, and then save it to your computer as a picture.  This picture can then be uploaded to your own blog or digital portfolio.

Aterwards, students are invited give feedback about their own creations and experience in creating the picture, and also to view each other’s creations, and leave positive comments.  Students thus develop their skills in Literacy, communication, art and social interaction all at the same time. (Here are some comments that other teachers and students make about the pictures: See some of the comments other teachers and students here: This Is Sand comments from students and teachers

Examples of This is Sand pictures:

Below are two screenshots of the gallery with many This is Sand pictures: