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The Hawkesdale P-12 home base is a perfect example of how a blog can be used to contain links to all the staff and student activities that are happening within one school. It also doubles and provides a great place to showcase and celebrate some staff and student work.

Murrumbeena Primary School , Doncaster Secondary Collage and Horsham West Primary School are currently, under the guidance of Heather Blakey, building home bases. Burners Blog is another good example of the benefit of making good use of the linking capacity of blogs. A collective like this is easy to access and enables all members of the school community to engage and comment on the work that is being done.

Make sure to comment here and share ideas about this imaginative publishing forum and how something like this would be of benefit to your school.

Consumer Warning – from Gareth at Doncaster who sat through a workshop today.

If you do not comment on this post your name will be added to the Telstra mailing list and you will receive a life time supply of intrusive phone calls from call centres in far distant lands, at eleven minute intervals, until you die.