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This month’s challenge is to create a container for easter eggs from an A4 sized piece of paper. The student who creates the container with the largest volume wins all the easter eggs that fit inside it. You may only use 1 sheet of A4 paper and staples or sticky tape to create your container and you must include a plan that shows how you have measured the volume. The volume of a rectangular prism (box shape) is worked out using the formula length x width x height. If you have a more complicated shape – a cylinder or a cone for example, you will need to do further research!

The challenge for April will be to estimate how many easter eggs fit into Room 4!


We have just finished first term and have two weeks break, including Easter. We managed to complete swimming sports (school and interschool), triathelon, athletic sports (junior and senior), year 7 camp, school photos and numerous assemblies during a very busy seven weeks!

This term my year 7 maths students enjoyed creating an easter egg container and measuring it’s volume.