50 Ted Talks every educator should check out (2014 Edition)

Over the holidays is a great chance to take some time to relax but also check out some of these Ted Talks. Compiled from Open Colleges here are 50 Ted Talks every educator should check out

These are the best TED Talks for any educator because they make us laugh, warm our hearts, break down barriers, and always inspire us to dig a little deeper and push a little harder.

I am adding another to the list – ‘Larry Lessig says the law is strangling creativity’. Be prepared for a big laugh at the end as some of user generated content.

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Online story creation tool

PBS presents a really engaging writers studio for students. cwIt features a really simple sign in process which collects NO personal information about students. They create a non identifying login and a simple password is set up for them. They get to select some support questions eg favourite food, animal and colour? and get to use the great tools to create exciting books online.   Teachers do need to check that they are not posting their personal information in the book. http://pbskids.org/writerscontest/create-stories

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Design Squad – Creative activities for the holidays

The Design Squad site targets kids ages 8 and older and features creative activities,  DSvideo, interactive games, and contests. The goal is to give kids a stronger understanding of the design process, and the connection between engineering and the things we all use in everyday life.

A great site for the holidays   See what you can build

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Finland schools: Subjects scrapped and replaced with topics

Finland schools: Subjects scrapped and replaced with ‘topics’ as country reforms its education system

Marjo Kyllonen, Helsinki’s education manager – who will be presenting her blueprint for change to the council at the end of this month, said: “It is not only Helsinki but the whole of Finland who will be embracing change.

“We really need a rethinking of education and a redesigning of our system, so it prepares our children for the future with the skills that are needed for today and tomorrow.

Pupils at Siltamaki primary school perform a rap as part of their cross-subject learning (Jussi Helttunen)
“There are schools that are teaching in the old fashioned way which was of benefit in the beginnings of the 1900s – but the needs are not the same and we need something fit for the 21st century.” Read RICHARD GARNER‘s UK Independent article  here 

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18 ways to use a single iPad in the music classroom

Even if you have only one iPad there are still lots of ways you can use it with your students, especially if you can plug it into a data projector and speakers. Midnight Music have presented 18 practical ideas for teachers. Go to teh link for the full list of ideas. Many of these ideas are also great for students to drive themselves or to work in small groups. 

1. Practice note names

Use an app like Staff Wars, Flashnote Derby or Noteworks – which all work in a similar way – to teach students on notes of the staff. To ensure your whole class is involved, you can make note identification into a game:

Connect your iPad to the data projector and fire up the app. You are the one to operate the app and start the note identification game. As notes appear on the screen, students can write down the note names on a piece of paper. You can secretly identify the note correctly, leaving it as late as possible so students have the maximum time to come up with an answer. You’ll also need to make a note of the correct answers as you go! At the end, students can correct their answers. This would work well as a team game.

2. Practice sight-reading rhythms

With your iPad connected to the data projector, start up one of the levels in the Rhythm Cat app (or something similar). The rhythm that appears on the screen can be played by the class as a group – using body percussion or classroom instruments. Students (or you the teacher) can tap the rhythm on the screen of the iPad.

3. The funky metronome

Set up a drum pattern in GarageBand (use the Smartdrums to generate a quick rhythm), Drumjam or DM1 in a style of your choosing. Use the drum pattern to accompany class ensemble arrangements, or scales in band/orchestra/choir rehearsal. Much more interesting than a plain old metronome!

Check out the full 18 ideas 


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2015 Victorian CANstruction project for schools

Canstruction1Schools are invited to participate in the 2015 Victorian CANstruction project, a unique philanthropic, artistic, engineering project supported by GASCO. This project enables teams of up to 10 students the opportunity to learn more about Maths and Science principles which are then applied to an artistically engineered design. Student teams from Primary (Grade 5-6) and Secondary Schools (Grade 7-10) work with teachers and mentors from the school community to turn full cans of food into amazing works of art.

This high level thinking project provides student teams with a real life opportunity to predict, theorise, plan, design, argue, prioritise, create, construct, prove, justify and evaluate. It also promotes student philanthropy and a better understanding of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2015.Canstruction3

School communities are encouraged to help teams to collect at least 500 cans per build. CANstruction designs are first built at your school so that your community can participate in and enjoy the experience and then these designs are rebuilt at Bayswater West Primary School on Wednesday 14th October 2015 on BUILD OFF DAY.

All food that is collected and used in the project will be donated to Foodbank our charitable partner, to support individuals and families in need. Canstruction

Visit CANstruction International website to get canspiration. 

Key Dates:

  • Registration closing date: Friday, 17th July
  • Build off day @ Bayswater West PS Wednesday 14th October

Visit http://www.baywestps.vic.edu.au/special-projects/canstruction/  to register and for more details.


Key contacts:

Peter deWacht, Naomi Bausch or Bec Williams

Bayswater West Primary School

Phyllis Street, Bayswater

Ph: (03) 9729 3394

email: bayswater.west.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Thanks Jill Brown for the Copy

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Old Global2 blogs needing love or retirement

Hi to you all and guess you are looking forward to your hard earned break. As I manage the Global2 space I love seeing the new blogs being created and the fabulous ways that teachers and students are using them in their school. 

I do also see the sad unloved ones that just sit and wait to have new and exciting content added to them. There is nothing sadder than a public blog with dead links and very very old news…..:-(  It makes your school look not so good and Global2 look pretty awful too.

I have sent an email out to the owners of blogs that have not been updated for two years or more informing them that we are going to change the settings on those blogs to private . This will give  owners a change to update the content or close them in private. This will remove any really outdated Global2 information out on the web. We want to look fresh and current!

It it all really exciting to set up and love a blog, but as you set it up it is important to build its retirement into your blogging plan. Deleting or archiving blogs is as easy as a click.

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Artists in Schools projects presented

The Artists in Schools project funding is available to schools for 2015. Information sessions are being held across Victoria and online. Details here – http://www.creative.vic.gov.au/AIS

Applications for the Artists in Schools funding program are due Tuesday 8 September 2015 for projects starting after 10 April in 2016

This is a great chance to have a look at some of the wonderful projects undertaken through this project in previous years

  • I Had a Dream – A digital movement, performance and installation project developed in partnership between students at Thomastown Secondary College and digital choreographer Hellen Sky. dream
  • Water Course – A collaboration between environmental artist Michael Shiell and students at Dimboola Memorial Secondary College.
  • From Scratch – A ceramics project where students from Mansfield Primary School worked with artist Wendy Jagger to create and design their own porcelain tableware.
  • No One Owns the Streets – A theatre project the responded to contemporary street culture led by artist Suze Smith.
  • In My Day – An animation project that explored the generation gap produced by Natimuk Primary school students and animator Dave Jones.


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Artists in Schools funding program available for schools

Information Sessions for teachers and artists about the Artists in Schools funding program are being held in June and July across the Victoria. The Department of Education and Training, funded Artists in Schools funding program provides opportunities for professional artists to work with young people in Victorian primary and secondary schools. Schools engage an artist for approximately 20 days to work with students and teachers, from any curriculum area, on a creative project. These projects may be in any art form and need to support learning across the curriculum.

These information sessions are being held across Victoria and online, via Blackboard Collaborate, on the following dates.  Schools must book as places are limited.
·        Online 1:  Tuesday 14 July 2015  (4:00-5:00pm)
·        Online 2:  Wednesday 15 July 2015   (4:00-5:00pm)
·        Healesville: Friday 17 July 2015  (4:30-6:30pm)
·        Online 3:  Tuesday  21 July 2015  (4:00-5:00pm)
·        Melbourne:  Wednesday 22 July 2015 (5:30 – 7:30pm)
·        Benalla: Friday  24 July 2015 (4:30 – 6:30pm)

Book here – http://www.creative.vic.gov.au/AIS

Applications for the Artists in Schools funding program are due Tuesday 8 September 2015 for projects starting after 10 April in 2016.

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Digital Deck

Digital DeckThe Digital Deck is a set of cards which provides a quick overview of the range of digital resources available to schools. Each of the resources has a description, advice for getting started and classroom ideas. Students using an iPad can download it and use it on their iPad.

The Digital Deck starts with an overview of some of the eduSTAR software available for schools. It also explores other digital resources and tools building in complexity along a capability continuum:

  • Foundation
  • Emergent
  • Innovative
  • Transformative

Download iBook to download as an iBook

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