Hot issue for education – Student Privacy

Growing public concern about student-data privacy is prompting fresh scrutiny of the ways technology vendors handle children’s educational information—and opening the gates for a flood of new questions and worries from advocates and school officials. Take prominent ed-tech players Edmodo, Khan Academy, and Pearson. Each already has access to the information of tens of millions of U.S. schoolchildren. Read the full article by Benjamin Herold

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  • TeachMeets are meetings/un-conferences where teachers share good practice, practical ideas and personal insights into teaching with technology.
  • All participants are encouraged to be ready to volunteer an idea, a tool or a website that they have delivered in their classroom.
  • Any teacher can host a TeachMeet, and choose a theme relevant to their practice – participants then offer to present an idea that is related to the theme
  • Many spaces can hold a TeachMeet – pubs, libraries, schools.. They have even had one at a zoo!
  • Alternatively they can discuss a product that they believe enhances their classroom practice.
  • All teachers are encouraged to attend and learn.
  • The idea behind TeachMeets is hearing stories about learning, from teachers (and sometimes students as well!)
  • This is a chance for teachers from all types of schools to network and to hear ideas from each other.
  • A key element of a good TeachMeet is offering a variety of short, sharp presentations rather than longwinded keynotes.
  • Check out the Calendar of events
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Party tricks in PowerPoint

Two handy features in PowerPoint 2010 are the trim video feature, enabling users to edit a video on the ly an feature from images, which performs a basic image edit.

Here is a FUSE package with why and how you could use these features. The package also features instructions to use the EDUSTAR suite

A reminder to Victorian Government teachers that you can login to FUSE to store and share your own resources and videos and make your own packages.

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Flipped Classroom live in the classroom

Peter Smythe listens to his students and actually changed his way of teaching. This is a great video hosted by AITSL which shows a secondary maths teacher working a flipped classroom model

The ”flipped classroom” method was introduced to Gungahlin College students in Canberra last year. Feedback surveys suggest his students stop, pause, fast-forward, rewind and repeat his lectures several times – some even watch them backwards. A number of students have worked through the lectures together via online chat networks and many separate themselves into groups in class according to ability level.

Mr Smythe admitted the method separated his class, with some students surging ahead while others fell slightly behind. But he was confident it was a beneficial style for all his students.

”There will always be students who hit a barrier in your lessons but the problem with traditional teaching is that we can’t always wait for them to get over that barrier, so we just surge ahead,” he said. ”By giving these students time to get over that hurdle – which they can do by pausing and revisiting the clip – research has shown they can get over that hurdle, excel and catch up.

”At the end of the day, that is what our job is all about.”
Read more:

See the Gungahlin College Youtube Channel for maths videos

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ABC Splash – Let’s Draw with Graeme Base live event

ABC Splash are running a fabulous event Let’s Draw with Graeme Base live event. Draw pictures and let your imagination run wild with picture storybook illustration!

We investigate how to create unbelievable characters to tell a convincing story with Graeme Base, one of Australia’s best-loved illustrators. Victorian Government teachers are able to access all of the

Animalia: Primary Teaching Resource videos and activities at (Edumail login required)

The event is live Thursday 2nd June at 2pm and all you need to do is register.

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Ranking of countries in education – how does it work?

Schools often hear about how Australian schools are ranked internationally and contrary to popular belief they are not ranked on NAPLAN data.


The OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) evaluates education systems worldwide by testing at random students with their own tests.

If you are interested in looking at some of those tests, the 15 year old maths and problem solving tests are available online.

The advice is to use Firefox

For those of you who want to dig deeper PISA-2012-results-volume-V

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Cybersafety – Chatterbox for parents and research report released

Chatterbox is essentially an online chat program for parents, where they can learn about Cybersafety, pre-submit questions, share stories and advice. Chatterbox can be downloaded and accessed at home or on a mobile device. Each episode starts with a video followed by an audio discussion featuring targeted steps for parents to take action and/or start online safety conversations with their children. New Chatterbox episodes will be released though out the year. Schools should promote this initiative for parents.

ACMA’s new Cybersmart research report ‘Connected Parents in the cybersafety age’ was also released.  This report provides an analysis of parents’ needs with regard to cybersafety education and focuses on patterns of internet use, identified concerns and information needs of the main caregivers of children and young people aged 8 to 17.


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New Bully Stopper classroom resources

Classroom Resources

Links to downloadable classroom activities, videos, interactive learning modules and quiz, advice sheets and other useful resources to use in the classroom.

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Screen It Competition >> Register your interest plus LIVE help in the classroom tomorrrow

Screen It is the Australian Centre of the Moving Image’s (ACMI) nation-wide competition for primary and secondary students. It encourages and fosters young moving image makers and this year – to celebrate the competition’s 10th anniversary – students are asked to respond to the theme of ‘reflection’ in their work.

Be part of this special anniversary and help to celebrate the creative talent of your students by encouraging them to enter the competition. You can build animation, filmmaking or game making into your classroom program and have the class enter their creations.

 Register now >>

 For extra help, don’t forget to download the education resource kit, and join us for live virtual conference classes!

Sessions are all 30 mins in duration.
Live Action Filmmaking

Fri 28 Mar 2014, 10am Join the session 

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ACARA releases statement to the review of Australian Curriculum The Australian Curriculum

ACARA releases statement to the review of Australian Curriculum The Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) has provided a statement as a contribution to the Federal Government’s review of the Australian Curriculum. In January 2014, the Federal Education Minister, Christopher Pyne, announced the review, with a final report due at the end of July 2014. education

ACARA’s statement highlights the processes it adopted in developing each of the learning areas and subjects that make up the Australian Curriculum. ACARA’s Chair, Professor Barry McGaw, believes the Federal Government’s initiative to review the Australian Curriculum has its benefits. ‘We are obliged to provide our future generations with the best possible learning opportunities and outcomes,’ said Professor McGaw. ‘Work on the national curriculum is never completed.

It will always be a work in progress so ACARA will be open to whatever advice the reviewers provide. ‘I am convinced the processes ACARA adopted, drawing on the nation’s best expertise and talent, has allowed us to establish a dynamic, high-quality Australian Curriculum. It has certainly caught the attention of other nations, many of which have invited presentations on what ACARA is doing,’ he added. To view ACARA’s statement, visit ACARA’s website.

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