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 Global2 is managed by the Department of Education and Training (DET). The technology and technical support is provided by Edublogs.The help and support resources in Edublogs apply to Global2. Use these to help you get started and when you are ready to try something new. You’ll find the complete Edublogs User Guide here. If you have questions about access, student safety or something you encounter concerns you, email epotential@edumail.vic.gov.au (DEECD) Help and support around the technology is provided by The Edublogs team at  support@edublogs


Who can join?
The DET has a licence for all Victorian Government and Catholic Schools to use the service. We have an agreement for Non-Government school teachers to use us during 2015. Schools are able to set up student, class, teacher and school blogs. We have tried to list all Victorian school accounts to allow automatic set up. If you experience difficulty signing up please contact epotential@edumail.vic.gov.au to have your school domain added.Schools who have international partners or sister schools are able to invite these schools into the Global2 environment to undertake collaborative projects with their school. Contact epotential@edumail.vic.gov.auGlobal2 presents a management hierarchy for teachers to setup and support their students. All blog owners including students must have an email account to allow them to manage their account.

What is Global2?

Global2 is a blogging community for Victorian schools. It allows teachers to manage an individual blog or manage their students to manage their own blogs.

Global2 can be accessed and used on Mobile devices and features technology allowing users to blog, Wiki, message board and add (or embed) and connect other technologies. For technical features go to http://global2.vic.edu.au/technicalsupport/

When is Global2 available?

24/7 supervision

Global2 blogs are online (in the cloud) 24/7 anywhere anytime.

When a teacher is setting up a Global2 space as either a class blog or individual student blogs, they are responsible for the activities and postings of that blog. Teachers are not expected to sit up all night checking every blog but do have responsibility to supervise and act on any issues. Setting up expectation and supervision guidelines are  available on the DET website Duty of Care 

Closing or exporting blogs

Teachers must consider what to do with the blog once their students leave their school and/or a project has ended. Unsupported blogs may represent your project or school badly. They risk being the location of unwanted spam and must have an exit strategy.

Schools have chosen to give their students (with informed consent from parents) a graduation present with their blogs exported to another blog community – (Edublog is a good one to consider!) as their educational portfolio. Other schools have given their students an opportunity to export their own blog content and them closed the blogs down. .

Where can the blogs be seen?

Each blog has the settings to select the right audience (Privacy Settings)

Each blog (or even parts of the blog – posts or pages) can have a defined audience. Using the ME WE SEE model audience can be:

  • just the blog owner, “ME”
  • members allocated to see the blog, people who have been sent the link and  a password to the blog or all other Victorian schools who have a Global2 blog “WE”
  • The whole internet world. “See”

The current default for a Global2 blog is that the blog is open to a See audience but created in a way so that no search engines will discover it.

Why ? … the most important question

NB Global2 is an Edublogs Campus and we are eligible to participate in all Edublogs activities including the Edublog awards and Student Challenges.

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  1. sandy says:

    Hi Lisa, lovely to hear from you. Sandy here still banging away at the dept. do you have your login details for edublogs? I am working off site at the moment and can check the exact “how” when I get back on my computer. You do need to do it from within your logged on blog .from memory it is in tools. Let me know if you can’t remember the details as we can contact Sue at edublogs to help us.

  2. Glenn reinard says:

    Hi… my name is glenn. I’m from Maria Bintang Laut primary school. I’m so happy because i can doing sister school with you and in September, the teacher from OLHC will come again to here… Last week, we are celebrate Indonesian independens day with bakiak, eat krupuk race, tarik tambang, and many more… This is my story, I hope we looking forward of Mr. Jack, Ms. Bernadett, and Ms Megan and next we will meet in at Maria Bintang Laut. see you… :D

  3. Olivia says:

    how to deactivate a blog site? Have created 2 and need to delete one then both.

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