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2016 seems along way away but already there is an opportunity to get involved in a Teachmeet.

Welcome to Teachmeet Melbourne is a space for organizing physical or virtual meetings of teachers in and around Melbourne and Victoria.

The 2015 Plans Page is available to see the events of this year and now the 2016 page is available to add in your offer or suggestions for events

Heather Bailie describes her experience at Teachmeet

Hints on running a Teachmeet of your own available here
Follow on Twitter @TMMelb and join the Google+ Community (Teachmeet Melbourne)

BUT there is also a 2015 Teachmeet happening at Princess Hill Primary School, 21st November 2-4 contact @melcashen or sign up

Anyone can host a TeachMeet and if you would like help – just get in touch with @aimee_gale @medg56 @melcashen@ccoffa